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Calculation application
Graph application
Sequence application
Average application
Probability application
Regression application
Python application
Settings application

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The Calculation app lets you perform all kinds of computations: trigonometric functions, arithmetics, complex numbers and more.

The Functions app lets you graph functions and view their table using an easily recognizable color scheme.

With the Sequences app you'll be able to study the behavior of a sequence, recursive or not. You'll be able to graph it and compute the sum of its terms.

Study datasets using the Statistics app: draw box-and-whisker plots and histogram, and get statistical values such as the mean, standard deviation, minimum or maximum of the set.

Study different probability distributions such as Poisson, Uniform or Normal using the Probability app. Input the distribution's parameters and get the corresponding probabilities.

Perform statistical computations on two-dimensional datasets, and find the best fitting linear model using the least squares approach.

Design and execute Python algorithms straight on your calculator.

Customize your device: pick your favorit angle unit, language or complex format.

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