About us

NumWorks wants all students to enjoy learning math. We hold a strong belief that developing one’s instincts plays a big role in scientific education, so we built an innovative graphing calculator that is intuitive to use.

Job description

Our rapidly expanding company is looking to hire a Math Teacher in Residence to help create meaningful relationships with math teachers and support the expansion of schools across the country that adopt the NumWorks graphing calculator.

The ideal candidate would have an understanding and appreciation for the experiences of math teachers, knowledge of the complexities of instructional technology decision-making, and experience leading professional development and presenting at conferences. We are looking for an individual who loves math and believes that anyone can be a math person. Your job duties include:

Connect with teachers

  • Reach out to math departments and district leaders in your region to introduce them to the NumWorks calculator and invite them to workshops.
  • Respond to teacher questions and requests regarding the use of the calculator and its integration into their curriculum.
  • Relay suggestions and feedback from teachers to the development team.

Coach teachers

  • Understand the needs of the teachers and how NumWorks can support them in their teaching
  • Lead workshops and webinars to provide teachers with ideas on how to use the NumWorks calculator in their classrooms.
  • Represent NumWorks at events and conferences.

Collaborate with the NumWorks team

  • Support the creation of classroom resources and disseminate them to teachers in your region.
  • Provide suggestions and feedback to the product development team to make improvements to the calculator.
  • Assist the marketing team in creating content that is relevant to math educators.


We are looking for someone who:

  • attended high school in the US
  • holds a BA/BS degree from a top US college in Mathematics, Education, Science, or Technology
  • has math classroom experience
  • has experience presenting (conferences and workshops)
  • has an understanding of school/district decision making processes
  • is excited about joining a smaller company


You are:

  • A great communicator. You will be talking to teachers often, so you need to be able to communicate the functions and benefits of our calculator.
  • Self-motivated. You need to be able to take initiative on independent projects
  • Very organized. You will be meeting with many teachers, so you need to be able to plan your time accordingly.

Benefits and perks

Benefits and perks include:

  • A competitive salary
  • Health insurance
  • Dental and vision insurance
  • 401k
  • A positive company culture
  • Paid holidays

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