My calculator doesn't turn on.

First put your calculator to charge for 30 minutes. You'll need to plug it to a wall adapter or to a computer. Afterwards, unplug the device and then press the RESET button using a paper clip. You should hear a small click and the device should reboot.

How do I recharge my device?

Simply connect your device's micro-USB port to a computer or an USB power adapter. On the screen, a symbol will appear on the battery pictogram to indicate that the battery is charging. This pictogram will also tell you when the recharge is complete.

How to enter the exam mode?

Go in the Settings app and chose Exam Mode. Then press the OK key to activate exam mode.

How to exit the exam mode?

Simply plug your device to a computer using the supplied USB cable. you will then be prompted to exit the exam mode.

My calculator doesn't seem to be charging.

If the thunderbolt symbol doesn't appear on the battery icon when you plug the USB cable, try to plug it into another computer or try another cable. If the battery still doesn't seem to be charging, get in touch with our customer support.

My graph seems incorrect. Why?

First check the expression of your function in the first tab of the Functions app. If it is correct, you're most likely encountering a scaling issue. Get into the Axes menu of the second tab to enter the window settings you want.

My graph doesn't show up.

Make sure your function isn't disabled in the first tab of the Functions app. If the name of the function is greyed out, it means the function has been disabled. You may also by trying to plot a function outside of its valid range: check the window settings in the Graph tab.

How do I update my device?

To update your calculator, browse to the Workshop and follow the instructions. You'll need to register a free account to install the update.

How do I type uppercase letters?

Press the shift key followed by the alpha key. Then press any key that has a yellow letter. To lock the uppercase mode, press shift once and alpha twice. To exit the alpha-lock state, just press the alpha key once.

How do I clear my calculation history?

In the Calculation app, select a result form the history using the arrow keys. Then press Shift followed by Clear: the history will be flushed.