Step 1: Choose a funding option

Student funded

Discount links allow each student to purchase their own device at an exclusive rate.

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School funded

Purchase classroom sets at a discounted rate and earn free devices for your school.

Start a Bulk Order

Community funded

Engage your local community to support your funding needs.

Community Resources

Grant funded

Locate resources for identifying grants and tips for writing your proposal.

Grant Resources

Step 2: Understand your audience

It will be important to explain why NumWorks is the best option for your students in a way that is meaningful to your audience. The language and justification you use will depend on their goals.


Share that the NumWorks calculator is intuitive, easy to use and faster than any other handheld device. It's inspired by the devices they use daily.


Discuss how NumWorks will help students perform better on exams and how educators will need to spend less time teaching how to use calculators.

Community & Grants

Focus on the specific benefits of NumWorks based on the organization's mission. Align your justification based on their goals and values.

To learn about how NumWorks can transform your math classroom, visit our Why NumWorks page.

Step 3: Take action

1. Deadlines

Remember that grants have deadlines and local businesses will frequently have year end giving goals. Similarly, schools have annual budgets and surplus spending timelines.

2. Take notes

Create a spreadsheet of notable grants including their requirements and deadlines. While you research, write down any key phrases and goals that align with your own. Compile examples of similar proposals to find inspiration.

3. Create documents

Now that you know when you should apply for the grant or set up your community fundraiser, give yourself plenty of time to research and write needed documents.

4. Submit

Get a friend or family member to read over your proposal. Make sure your argument has been intentionally crafted 
to meet the goals of your audience. Submit all required documents on time.

We're always here to help! Get in touch with our Funding Advisor to learn more and gather your thoughts.

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