Make math accessible to all!

See mathematical notation exactly like on your paper with results displayed in exact and decimal form.

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Obtain beautiful graphs in the perfect viewing window!

While others stop at functions, the NumWorks calculator graphs even more. Easily trace graphs and calculate integrals and derivatives directly on the graph.

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Solve equations and systems as well as financial problems!

Select a template or start from scratch. Your equations will be solved with results given in exact and decimal form.

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For all your statistical needs

Calculation app on the NumWorks graphing calculator


Enter data, view graphs and analyze summary statistics all in one app.

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Create scatterplots and select a regression model that best fits your data.

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Compute probabilities, confidence intervals and significance tests, with interactive visuals.

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Forget about complicated syntax. Our template system lets you write recursive and explicit sequences with ease. You can even link your sequences together!

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Python is a universal programming language that is taught in many secondary schools and used in a wide variety of careers. Dive into the world of programming right from your calculator!

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