Get started with your NumWorks graphing calculator. This chapter covers everything you need to know to begin from using the calculator keyboard to navigating the home screen.

General use

Powering ON/OFF

To begin using your NumWorks graphing calculator, you must power it on for the first time. Press the power key. Once the device is on, you must choose your country and language. This can be changed later if needed. Your calculator will now request that you download the most recent version of the NumWorks software.

Updating your calculator

It is important to update your NumWorks calculator before use. NumWorks releases free software updates often to provide you with the best tool possible. Begin the update process by connecting your calculator to a computer using the USB cable provided.

To update your calculator:

  1. Create your NumWorks account at
  2. Select My devices followed by Update my device.
  3. Follow the steps displayed on your screen. Your calculator is now up-to-date!

If you do not wish to update right away, you have the option to disable the update pop-up in the Settings application.

The home screen

You have now arrived at the home screen of the NumWorks calculator. This is the hub from which you choose the features you are interested in using. The calculator’s menu is divided into applications: Calculation, Functions, Equations, Statistics, Probability, Regression, Sequences, Python and Settings.

To move between applications, use the arrow keys. The selected application will be highlighted in yellow. Once you have highlighted the application you wish to use, confirm with the ok key.

Each application has its own unique features and options. For example, to create a scatter plot you must enter the Regression application. If the application you are currently using does not have the features you need, simply press the home key. This will return you to the home screen of the calculator.

You may also use the back key to return to the home screen. Just continue pressing the key until you return to the home screen.

The NumWorks keyboard

The navigation keys allow you to navigate through menus, return to the home screen and move between applications.

  • leftrightupdown : The arrow keys are used to move from item to item on your calculator’s screen.
  • power : The power button turns your calculator ON/OFF
  • home : The home key returns you to the home screen no matter where you are on the calculator.
  • ok : The OK key allows you to make selections on your calculator.
  • back : The return key allows you to return to the previous screen

Advanced functions

No need to worry if you have a complex calculation. The advanced functions buttons will allow you to compute even the most advanced functions.

  • shift : The shift key allows you to utilize the functions printed in yellow on the keys (ALPHA, copy, asin, etc.)
  • alpha : The alpha key allows you to enter letters into your expressions.
  • xnt : The XNT key allows you to enter a variable. The variable entered changes based on the expression you are entered.
  • var : When you press the VAR key, you may view all of your stored variables, functions and expressions.
  • toolbox : The toolbox key is unique to each application. Press the toolbox key for a menu of advanced features.
  • pow : The store key allows you to store variables, expressions and functions for later use.

Numerical keys

The buttons you will use the most. Here you will find number keys, operation keys and the exe or enter key.

  • exe : Press the EXE key to confirm your entries.
  • ans : The answer key will input your most recent answer when pressed.