Nick Koberstein

Nick Koberstein — June 12, 2023

Empowering Students with Intuitive Technology: A Case Study on the NumWorks Graphing Calculator

Meet Jon Huebner

An experienced math teacher from Minnesota, Jon Huebner is currently teaching AP Calculus AB and BC as well as Statistics. Jon discovered NumWorks when his school received a flyer advertising a new graphing calculator and was drawn to its intuitive interface. After requesting a free sample calculator, he was blown away by the ease of use and found it much more intuitive than other calculators.

Image of Jon

“I just kept thinking about how NumWorks is so much more intuitive and easier than any of the other calculators that I was using!”

Jon wanted to see what impact the calculator would have in the classroom, so he persuaded his school’s administration to purchase two class sets for his AP courses.

Read on to learn about Jon’s story!

Jon’s goal - remove hurdles for his students

Jon’s intent when implementing NumWorks was to remove the hurdles students encounter while using outdated technology in the classroom. Other calculators left students with syntactical errors and cumbersome processes that cost them precious time on the AP exam. While Jon was concerned that his students may struggle with the adjustment to a new calculator, he was determined to enhance their understanding of mathematical concepts and empower them to use their calculators independently during exams. He felt that the NumWorks calculator was the perfect tool to accomplish his goals.

Introducing NumWorks - an intuitive solution

Jon introduced NumWorks in his classes and, despite his fear that they may struggle with the adjustment, his students quickly embraced the new calculator.

One of his students remarked,

“The transition from other graphing calculators was not a challenge because of the easy-to-understand layout, copy-and-paste capabilities, and more options with functions. Using the Numworks calculator made switching between concepts and calculations 10x easier.”

The emphasis on mathematical fidelity in NumWorks’ notation proved invaluable, minimizing errors caused by discrepancies between calculator syntax and proper mathematical representation. Students no longer had to grapple with memorizing complex keystrokes or constantly adjusting graphing windows, allowing Jon to devote more class time to discussing mathematics rather than teaching calculator operations.

“I found that I save much more time in class because students need less hand-holding. I feel more confident that when they get to the calculator portion of their exams, they’re going to know exactly what they need to do.”

Calculator screen with statistics

Performing a hypothesis test for AP Statistics using the NumWorks calculator

With NumWorks, students became independent learners, discovering features on their own and gaining a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. This newfound confidence enabled them to utilize the calculator effectively as a resource during exams, resulting in improved performance.

Notably, the benefits of NumWorks extended beyond the mathematics department. Students in chemistry classes found NumWorks advantageous for tasks like stoichiometry, thanks to its user-friendly interface and fraction alignment capabilities. The success of Jon’s implementation spread throughout the school, prompting colleagues to request NumWorks calculators for their AP Chemistry students. Recognizing the significant impact of intuitive technology on AP exam preparation, Jon’s colleagues acquired 13 NumWorks calculators to support their students’ success.

The result - the perfect tool for tests

In conclusion, Jon’s implementation of the NumWorks graphing calculator proved instrumental in achieving AP exam success. By eliminating the obstacles of outdated calculators and fostering a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts, NumWorks empowered students to perform at their best during these critical exams.

Jon advice to any teacher considering trying NumWorks is to “just try it! If you just sit and do a few problems with both calculators next to each other, it will sell itself!”

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Nick Koberstein
Nick Koberstein — Math Teacher in Residence

Nick is one of our Math Teachers in Residence for the United States. He taught high school mathematics for nine years in North Carolina including Algebra 1 through AP Calculus and AP Statistics. Nick creates classroom resources for teachers, leads workshops and webinars, and collaborates with the engineering team to ensure our calculator meets the needs of teachers and students. In addition to educational technology, Nick's other passions include music, board games, and growing avocado trees!