Kirstin Czerwiec

Kirstin Czerwiec — February 07, 2024

Meet our new Math Teacher in Residence, Matt!

This summer we had the pleasure of growing our NumWorks family by adding an additional Math Teacher in Residence, Matt!

Image of Matt

How long have you been a teacher?

I taught math for 7 years in Virginia before joining NumWorks! I was born and raised in Virginia, and I started teaching high school in my home county of Giles after spending 2 years teaching middle school in a neighboring county.

Which subject is your favorite?

While I enjoy every math course, Geometry was the one I enjoyed teaching the most. My favorite part of Geometry was teaching students how to do proofs. For students focusing on mathematics when they go to college, this is such a vital skill for them to master. I also enjoyed the amount of visuals in the Geometry curriculum because it gave them an easy way to see how some of the Algebraic concepts they learned about could be applied.

Why did you choose to join the NumWorks team?

I immediately fell in love with the NumWorks graphing calculator when I received my free offer in 2021, and there were so many great updates over the next two years. NumWorks greatly improved my classroom and teaching, and I want to share that experience with other teachers.

What do you hope to accomplish in your first year at NumWorks?

During my first year at NumWorks, I would like to spread awareness of the NumWorks graphing calculator to teachers across the country and support them in implementing NumWorks. I would also like to provide students and teachers with more resources to make the most out of their experience with NumWorks.

What is your favorite NumWorks app?

My favorite app is the Distributions app. I love the visuals provided when building a distribution, and it is so easy to change the information to get new results with new images. I love using the hypergeometric distribution when building a new deck in my favorite trading card games.

What is your favorite feature of the calculator?

My favorite feature of the calculator is what makes it different from any other calculator I’ve used: its simplicity. Students no longer have to struggle through long menus to find the right setting to change. They can simply navigate to the app that makes sense for the topic they are on, and they can almost always figure out what to do with little guidance.

What do you want to tell teachers?

If you have an online component to your course, NumWorks also has amazing digital resources for you to use! My students loved having the calculator embedded into the digital assignments I created for them. This also makes it very easy to share saved simulator sessions with them.