NumWorks on the Mathematics MCAs

NumWorks meets the requirements of the Mathematics MCAs!

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Use NumWorks on the following Mathematics MCAs:

  • Grade 8 Mathematics MCA (paper)
  • Grade 11 Mathematics MCA (paper and online)

Requirements for using NumWorks on Mathematics MCAs

To use NumWorks on the Mathematics MCAs, you'll need to update your calculator and clear the calculator memory.

How to update your calculator

Simply click the button below and follow the instructions. The update is performed directly from your web browser!

Update my calculator

How to clear the calculator memory

To clear the memory at the beginning and end of the exam, select the Reset option in Settings or press the button on the back of the device.

Resetting the calculator will clear all memory including calculation history, variables, functions, data tables and user-created Python scripts.

Why use NumWorks on the Mathematics MCAs?

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