Exchange scripts between the calculator and a computer

The new Python page on the site has an interface which allows you to:

  • write scripts online and upload them to your calculator,
  • manage a personal library of scripts on your account (created online or retrieved from your calculator),
  • access a public library where you can share your scripts with other users,
  • manage scripts on your calculator.

Easier update procedure

  • Future updates can be done without pressing the reset button.
  • Python scripts can be kept during an update.

And also...

  • Upgrade to version 1.9.3 of MicroPython.
  • Improvement of Y-auto in the Functions application.
  • The graph window automatically adapts to periodic functions.
  • Smart incrementation of the table in the Statistics application: entering the counts in the table automatically completes the column of values.
  • Fixed bugs in the Sequences application.
  • Repair of MicroPython random module.
  • Fixed a bug where the calculator was not detected when connecting to a computer.
  • Fixed a bug that required a manual reset of the calculator at the end of the update.

Special thanks

We would like to thank the contributors who helped in the development of this update: Adrien Bertrand, Jean-Baptiste Boric, Zhaofeng Li, Damien Nicolet, Claire Savinas.