New application: Equations

This application allows you to solve equations and systems of equations in an exact and numerical way.

The solution of the systems of equations from 1 to 6 unknowns is given in exact and approximate form.

Solving systems of equations

The real and complex roots as well as the discriminant of the quadratic trinomials are given in exact and approximate form.

Solving quadratic trinomial

The equations with one unknown are solved with a numerical algorithm asking to fix an interval in which to look for the solutions.

Solving equations with 1 unknown

All lowercase letters can be used to denote an unknown.

Unknowns can be denoted by all lowercase letters

New home screen

The Home screen features a reorganized layout of app icons that now scroll vertically. The presentation of applications has thus been standardized to show three icons per line, accessible more quickly than with horizontal scrolling.

New home screen

Improved Statistics and Regressions applications

In Statistics, it is now possible to use non-integer values ​​in the Sizes column.

ValNon-integer values ​​as numbers

In Statistics and Regression, two new tables complete the Data tab to be able to work with three data series simultaneously.

Tables of data series in the Data tab

In Statistics and Regression, it is possible to generate a column of values ​​using a formula by selecting the column title and pressing OK.

Generate a column of values ​​using a formula

Improved Python application

Syntax coloring is now available in the Python application.

Syntax coloring in Python application

The version of MicroPython has been updated to version 1.9.4.

And also...

The description associated with the symbol mu of the normal distribution in the Probability application has been changed to: mean.

Changed the legend of the mu parameter of the normal distribution

When editing a Python script, the cursor is placed between parentheses when using a function like cos, sin, log, …

Cursor placement when using certain function keys in Python
  • The maximum value allowed for the parameter n of the binomial distribution was increased to 99999.
  • In Python, it is possible to interrupt an infinite loop containing an input by pressing the Home key.
  • A few bugs due to Degrees/Radians setting have been fixed.

Special thanks

We would like to thank the contributors who helped develop this update: Jean-Baptiste Boric, Tillmann Karras et Damien Nicolet.