New regression models

The Regression application now allows you to work with the following regressions:

Linear model.

Linear regression model

Quadratic model.

Quadratic regression model

Cubic model.

Cubic regression model

Logarithmic model.

Logarithmic regression model

Exponential model.

Exponential regression model

Power model.

Power regression model

As well as the models : quartic, trigonometric and logistic.

And also...

Translation of the calculator interface into German.

Calculator interface in german

The selection color on warning messages has been changed for more contrast.

Changing the selection color in warning messages

The switch type interface elements have been reversed to resemble the usual interfaces of phones and tablets.

Switch-type interface elements

The design of the square root has been changed.

New design of the square root
  • The flashing of the LED indicating the examination mode is now more regular.
  • Correction of a bug on the calculation of the median.
  • Resolution of display bugs in the Toolbox menu of the Sequences application.

Special thanks

We would like to thank the contributors who helped develop this update: Jean-Baptiste Boric, Rémy Da Costa Faro, David Meenan, Damien Nicolet, Louis Rannou, Claire Savinas, Michael Haupt et Marc David Vardai.