Improved calculations interface

The exact result of a calculation containing a decimal number can now be displayed. To display it, simply go up on the decimal result with the arrows to select it. Once the decimal result is selected, the exact result appears.

Exact result of a decimal number

When the entered result or calculation is too long and extends beyond the screen, side arrows are displayed to indicate that the line can be scrolled.

Scrolling a long result in the Calculations application

Graph navigation

You can now enter a value of x on the keyboard to directly access the corresponding point on the curve.

Directly access the point of a graph in the Functions application

When displaying a tanget line, it is also possible to type on the keyboard the x-value at which to position the tangent.

Place a tangent by typing the x-value

Press OK and open the Calculus menu to search for a y-value.

Access a y-value with the Calculus menu

Enrichment of the kandisky module of Python

The function color now returns a tuple of type (r, g, b).

Color function of the Python application

Added a function that fills an rectangle with starting coordinate (x,y), width, height and color: fill_rect(x,y,width,height,color).

Python application fill_rect function

The function draw_string accepts two new optional arguments, the text color color1 and the color of the background of the text color2: draw_string('text',x,y[,color1][,color2]).

The draw_string function accepts two new color adjustment settings

And also...

The maximum size of a matrix has increased to 10*10.

The maximum size of the matrices has increased
  • Better handling of the battery pictogram: the calculator warns the user sufficiently in advance in the event of a low battery to prevent it from going into DFU mode when charging.
  • The kandinsky functions that request a color as an argument accept a color defined by a tuple (r,g,b).
  • random is no longer treated in an exact manner so that it does not intervene in any simplification of calculation.
  • When calculating an integral, if the user has previously stored a value in the variable used as an integration variable, this value is not replaced in the calculation.
  • The literal calculation elements have been removed from the software.

Special thanks

We would like to thank Xavier Andréani for his contribution.