The objective of this activity is introduce the NumWorks graphing calculator through a discovery-based scavenger hunt.

Set up

Print the Scavenger Hunt slides and place them at random around the room.

The Calculator Hints can also be accessed during the activity using one of the following suggested techniques:

  • Place multiple copies of the Calculator Hints around the room so students can find them.
  • Cut out the individual Calculator Hints and place them around the room too.
  • Teacher holds on to the Calculator hints and students come ask for them.
  • Assign a student to be a "calculator expert" and give them the hints to be a resource for their peers.

Students can start at any problem and its answer will tell them which problem to go to next. Students will be asked to record the shape of the problem they are working on and the answers on their answer sheet.

students working with calculator

Student Instructions

  • With a partner, start at one of the cards around the room.
  • Draw the shape on the left side of the card on your answer sheet.
  • Solve the problem and record your answers on the answer sheet beside the shape for that problem.
  • Find your next problem by looking for the answer to your previous problem in decimal form around the room.
  • There are Calculator Hints as well if you get stuck.