Donors Choose

Donors Choose is a funding platform designed by teachers for teachers where you can request funding and resources for your classroom. It is completely free for teachers to use and creating a fundraiser takes about 20 minutes to complete.

Your community not only helps you raise funds, but they can also help spread the word about your fundraiser by sharing it online. Once your project has been funded, Donors Choose will purchase the calculators for you and send them directly to your school!

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Need some inspiration? Take a look at these fully funded projects!


GoFundMe helps you fundraise within your community. Use this platform to share your story and convince users to donate to your project.

Once your fundraiser is completed, GoFundMe will send the funds directly to your bank account. From there, you can purchase through our website to take advantage of our bulk order discounts.

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Local Businesses

Many local businesses look for opportunities to donate to their community. Reach out to local companies and ask if they have a portion of their budget dedicated to charitable contributions.