You can easily embed the NumWorks simulator on your webpage or Canvas course for free!

New simulator Saved simulator session
Session link:

You can save a new simulator session on the online NumWorks emulator.

Full calculator Screen only Button
Text on the button:


I tried to embed a simulator session, but it does not appear correctly.

Please check that your simulator session is public!

  • If it is your simulator session, visit your simulator sessions on and find the session you want to embed. Click "Edit", select "Public" and then click "Save".
  • If it is not one of your simulator sessions, you won't be able to make it public.

Can I embed several simulators on the same page?

Yes you can! Simply copy and paste the code we provide you as many times as you want in your webpage.

I am trying the Button format, but it does not appear as nicely as it shows here.

You can tweak the css of your page to add the styling of your choice on your button.