A font for gorgeous worksheets

You’d like to create some worksheets for your students using the NumWorks calculator? The online simulator already let you grab some screen captures in a single click. And today, you can easily draw the keys of your calculator using the NumWorks Keys font!

Installing the NumWorks Keys font

To install the NumWorks Keys font, just follow the download link below. It will work on macOS, on Windows, and on Linux.

Download the NumWorks Keys font

You’ll then need to open the downloaded zip file and install the two ttf files included. The NumWorks Keys font should now be available in your word processor!

Why two versions?

As you might have seen, the zip file contains both a regular and a bold version.

The regular versions draws the entire keys, including the alternate and alphanumeric markings.

Since this can yield a result that is difficult to read, we also prepared a streamlined version that you can access by using the bold variant.

NumWorks Keys font, regular versus bold

Use and shortcuts

You have two options to type some keys in your document:

  • Your word processor most likely has a character palette, on the which you can pick whichever glyph you’d like to use. This is a convenient way to visually chose the keys you’d like to use.
  • We also tried to map each key to a similar character. For instance, typing the digit “9” will yield the  9 key in your document. We included a quick PDF reference included in the zip file.