Improved calculation precision

The numbers used by the calculator, previously represented by floats, are now in double precision. The number of significant digits has therefore been doubled and the calculations are more precise.

Python (beta version)

You can use a beta version of Python which will allow you to write a program and run it. This is a test version and some features may be unavailable.

Calculation application

  • Automatic insertion of ans in front of sto.
  • Addition of floor and ceiling symbols.
  • Correction of some undef results for complex numbers.
  • Imaginary result when calculating roots of negative numbers.

Probability application

  • Handling of P(X=a) calculations in the discrete distributions of the Probability application.
  • Handling of the inverse normal calculation of the form P(mu-a≤X≤mu+a)=p.

Settings application

  • Adjust screen brightness. Use the left and right directional keys to move the cursor.
  • Easily accessible serial number.

And also...

  • Shortcuts shift right or shift left move the cursor to the end or beginning of the text line.
  • Better algorithm for the integral.
  • Fixed x,n,t button behavior in sum, product, diff and int.
  • When alpha mode is locked, pressing shift toggles between lowercase and uppercase.
  • Fixed calculation of powers of 0.
  • Correction of the factorial function.
  • Proper handling of the matrix size when transposing, mutliplying and determining the inverse.
  • Fixed power function for negative numbers.
  • Improved precision in calculations.
  • Addition of the sample standard deviation in the Statistics application.
  • The size of the x / n columns in the Functions/Sequences applications has been reduced to be able to read the column values of two functions / sequences.

Special thanks

We would like to thank the contributors who helped develop this update: Ian Abbott, Adrien Bertrand, TJ Horner, Damien Nicolet, Jacob Young, Dean Blackketter, Jean-Baptiste Boric, Michael Davis, Marc Lagrange et Matt Waltz.