New application : Python

  • Integration of an interactive console.
  • Ability to go back in the console history and copy a command with the OK key.
  • Interface in the form of a list of scripts with option buttons and a console access button.
  • Possibility to import a script into the console.
  • Ability to add multiple scripts.
  • Possibility to name / rename a script.
  • Possibility to delete a script.
  • Possibility to set the automatic import of scripts in the console.
  • Added a shortcut in the options to run a single script in the console.
  • Automatic indentation.
  • Addition of a shortcut menu and a catalog accessible from the Toolbox key.
  • Possibility to use the alphabetical keys as shortcuts to navigate in the catalog.
  • Integration of modules math, cmath and kandinsky.
  • Display of details of errors in the console.
  • The var key lists the functions and global variables defined in the user's scripts.

Exact calculations

  • Sums and products : factorization of expressions of the type ax+bx, distribution of products, reduction of sums to the same denominator.
  • Fractions : simplification of fractions to reduced form.
  • Powers : simplification of expressions of the type (a^x)(a^y) and (a^x)(b^x), development of (abc…)^r.
  • Square Roots : simplification after decomposition into prime factors, elimination of monomials and binomials in the denominator of fractions.
  • Trigonmentry : trigonometric functions of notable angles (0, pi, pi/2, pi/3, pi/4, pi/5, pi/6, pi/8, pi/10, pi/12) as well as their inverses, simplification of angles using parity and trigonometry formulas to give a measure between 0 and pi / 2, simplification of sin/cos as tan, parity of inverse trigonometric functions and integration of formulas of the type arccos(cos).
  • Logarithm and exponential : simplification of functions composed with ln and exp, formulas of the type ln(ab), ln(a^x) or exp(a)*exp(b).
  • Calculations on integers : calculations on arbitrarily large integers (display limited to 100 digits) in particular for factorial, binomial coefficients, ...
  • Complex Numbers : Powers of i, simplification of expressions of the type exp(iPi*x).
  • The display of results appears in exact and approximate form and only approximated if the expression is already reduced or if the simplification is not supported.
  • Use of exact calculation in other calculator applications to avoid floating point rounding errors: results are however given in approximate form.

And also...

  • In Settings, choose the number of digits displayed in the results (from 1 to 14).
  • Retrieve all significant digits when a result is copied to the calculation history.
  • Changed the multiplication symbol in editing and displaying math expressions.
  • Display Probability results for intervals P(a<X<b).

Special thanks

We would like to thank the contributors who helped develop this update : Ian Abbott, Damien Nicolet, Jacob Young.