Improved Sequences application

  • It is now possible to define linked sequences: the terms that can be used are in the Toolbox.
  • Addition of the choice of the index of the first term of the sequence in the settings of the sequence.

Improved Functions application

  • New Calculus menu accessible by pressing OK when the cursor is on a curve.
  • Determine the minimum or maximum.
  • Determine the zeros.
  • Determine the points of intersection.
  • Calculate an integral.
  • Determine the equation of the tangent line.
  • Modification of the cursor graphics.
  • Improved graphics of the graph window.

Improved Python application

  • Random module. Les following functions have been added to the Toolbox : getrandbits, seed, randrange, randint, choice, random, uniform.
  • Addition of input(), min(), max(), list[m:n], and the ' character.

Improved Probability application

  • All results can now be selected and copied.
  • Increased accuracy of results.
  • Text fields are now dynamic and fit the text they contain.
  • Use of the error function and the inverse error function for the normal distribution.

New functions in the Toolbox

  • factor(n) : decomposition into prime factors.
  • random() : random number between 0 and 1.
  • randint(a,b) : random integer between a and b.

Improved Calculations application

  • Development of the powers of multinomials (a+b+c+…)^n.
  • The symbol Ans is now replaced with its exact mathematical expression.
  • Simplification of logarithms to base a.
  • Adding the equal sign between an expression and its exact decimal value in the results.

And also...

  • Corrected the alignment of exponents.
  • Fixed a bug in setting the number of significant digits.
  • Fixed a bug in inverse(x).
  • Improved the performance of the calculator.
  • Fixed a bug on the derivative of the absolute value, improved the calculation of the derivative.
  • On the Home menu, pressing the Home key or the Back key brings the selection to the Calculations application.

Special thanks

We would like to thank the contributors who helped develop this update : Adrien Bertrand, Jean-Baptiste Boric, Yoann Dupas, Max Lekeux, Damien Nicolet, Jacob Young.