Increased Python storage

The size of the Python script storage has quadrupled.

You can view the space available on your calculator in your Workshop account:

Rewrite of the calculation engine

The entire calculation engine has been rewritten. Many improvements resulted from this, including:

  • The handling of new operations on complex numbers (hyperbolic trigonometry, logarithms, reverse trigonometry,…).
  • The handling of the inf symbol.
  • The handling of memory errors.
  • The proper handing of significant figures chosen in the Settings application.
  • Simplicification of logarithms according to the based used.

Improved Settings app

For the sections Angle measure, Result format, Writing format and Complex format, the parameter name is paired with a visual example.

And also...

  • In Python, function names prefixed with an underscore no longer appear in the var menu.
  • Fixed a bug related to the use of the symbol = in the results view.

Special thanks

We would like to thank the contributor who helped develop this update: Rémy Da Costa Faro.