Polar and parametric curves

In the Functions, you can now plot polar and paramteric curves.

Select the name of the function and press OK to choose the type of curve you want to plot.

Choice of type of curve: polar or parametric

For a polar curve, enter an expression containing the character θ using the x,n,t key of the calculator. Then plot your curve!

Definition of a polar function and plot of the curve

To define a parametric curve, use a 2x1 matrix. The character t is also accessed using the x,n,t key.

Definition of a parametric function and plot of the curve

By default, the definition sets for polar and parametric types are [0,2π].

To change the plot interval, select the name of the function and go to the Plot range section.

Modification of the plot range

By adjusting the plot range of functions, it is possible to draw piece-wise functions.

Definition of a function by pieces and plot of the curve

And many other features...

The calculations on the matrices are now exact!

Exact results on the matrices

You can work with a third sequence in the Sequences application.

Third sequence in the Sequences application

Functions associated with normal and binomial distributions appear in the Probabilities section of the Toolbox menu.

The functions associated with the normal and binomial distributions available in the Probabilities section of the toolbox

Three new probability distributions are available: the chi-square, the Student (t) and the geometric distributions.

The chi-square, Student and geometric distributions are available in the Probabilities application

Multiplication is now represented by a cross or omitted when possible.

Multiplication is represented by a cross
  • Added Engineering to the Result format section of the Settings application.
  • Added gradians to the Angle measure section of the Settings application.
  • Operations with floor, ceil and frac are now exact.
  • Upgrade to version 1.11 of MicroPython.

Special thanks

We would like to thank the contributors who helped develop this update: Alexandre André, Xavier Andréani, Jean-Baptiste Boric, Tiago Pires and Roman Wueest.