Parametric and polar functions

It is now possible to plot polar and parametric functions in the Functions application. The application has three modes: cartesian, polar and parametric. To choose the mode you want, select the name of the function and press OK.

  • To change the curve type (cartesian, polar, parametric), select the name of the function and press OK, then go in the Curve Type section.
  • It is possible to change the definition domain of a function by selecting the name of the function and pressing OK, then go in the Domain of definition section.
  • By default, the definition domain of polar and parametric functions is 0..2π.
  • By default, the definition domain of cartesian functions is -inf..inf. You can reset it by typing inf ou -inf.
  • By adjusting the definition domains it is therefore possible to plot piecewise functions.
  • The expression of a polar function needs to use the θ symbol, it can be typed using the x,n,t key.
  • The expression of a parametric function needs to be typed as a column vector of size 2. The first coefficient is the expression of x(t) while the second is the expression of y(t).

Enhancement of matrix computations

Matrix computations are now exact.

Enhancement of the Sequences application

It is now possible to define a third sequence in the Sequences application.

Enhancement of the Probability application

  • The following probability distributions have been added: chi-squared, Student and geometric.
  • The functions associated to the normal and binomial distributions have been added to the Toolbox.

Other improvements

  • The multiplication symbol is now displayed as a cross or omitted when possible. In case of ambiguous syntax, the multiplication is displayed as a dot.
  • The engineering notation has been added in the Result format section of the Settings application.
  • The gradians have been added in the Angle measure section of the Settings application.
  • Computations using floor, ceil, frac are now exact.
  • MicroPython has been updated to version 1.11.

Special thanks

We would like to thank all the contributors who helped us release this update: Alexandre André, Xavier Andréani, Jean-Baptiste Boric, Tiago Pires and Roman Wueest.

Point releases

Version 12.2.0 November 26, 2019

This version fixes some bugs in the Sequences application and with the engineering notation.

Version 12.4.0 December 12, 2019

This version enables the reactivation of the exam mode when it is already active. The exam mode also persists when the device is reset.