What's new in the Functions application

The menus under the Graph tab have changed:

  • The Axes menu is used to set the values of X and Y. These values can also be calculated automatically. For example, activating the automatic calculation of the values of Y makes it possible to display all the points of the curve located between the minimum and maximum values of X. In addition, when the graph does not have equal axes, an indicator is displayed to the right of the menu named Axes. It is then possible to make the Y and X axes equal.
  • The Navigate menu now allows the graph to be displayed in full screen.
  • For ease of use, the Calculus menu is now accessible directly under the Graph tab. This menu can also be opened by pressing the Toolbox or OK key when the cursor is on a curve.

The values displayed in the legend at the bottom of the graph are given with a number of significant digits equal to those requested in the Settings application by the user.

In the Functions tab, it is possible to start typing the expression of a function when the Add a function button is selected. It is no longer necessary to press OK.

Improved user interface

  • Visual consistency of menus has been improved: in cells, main text now appears in black and large font while caption appears in gray and small font. The margins of cells and lists have been unified.
  • The Toolbox menu has been reorganized and the browsing history is now indicated in a banner at the top of the Toolbox. Some functions have also been added to the Toolbox: factorial, secant, cosecant and cotangent.
  • In natural writing (2D), a symbol is now used for the derivative number function. In linear writing (1D), the name diff() is always used.
  • In the Stats tab of the Statistics application, a column has been added to display the symbol corresponding to each line item.

Other improvements

  • Reinforcement of software security: the details of the change can be found in this article.
  • Improvement of the solution search algorithm in the Equations and Functions applications.
  • Use of a space as a separator of thousands.
  • Exact resolution of cubic equations in the Equations app.
  • Default setting of significant digits displayed in results increased to 10.
  • The exact results in the Calculations application are hidden when they are too long. This is to allow for viewing of the decimal value.
  • Modification of the summation index: i replaces n.
  • Added the factorial () function in the math module of python.
  • Improved calculation of logistic regression.


We would like to thank Joachim Le Fournis who helped develop this update.

Point releases

Version 16.4.0 September 23, 2021

This version fixes a bug in the Sequences application.