New features of the Functions application

In the Graph tab, the menu bar above the graph has been reorganized and presents important new features.

The new Axes menu allows you to set the displayed values of X and Y. These values can also be calculated automatically.

Steps to change the value of axes in the Functions application

When the plot does not have equal axes, a symbol appears to the right of Axes. It is then possible to request equal axes by entering the Axes menu.

Make the graph have equal axes in the Functions application

The Navigate menu now allows the graph to be displayed in full screen.

Show graph in full screen mode

The Calculus nu is now accessible directly from this menu bar. It is also opened by pressing the Toolbox key or OK.

Access the Calculus menu from the menu bar

Improved graphical interface

The visual consistency of menus has been improved: in cells, the main text now appears in black and in large font while the caption appears in gray and in small font.

Improved visual consistency of menus

The Toolbox menu has been reorganized and navigation is now indicated in a banner at the top of the Toolbox.

Navigation in the toolbox indicated in a banner

In natural writing (2D), a symbol is now used for the derivative function.

Natural writing of the derivative function

In the Stats tab of the Statistics application, a column has been added to display the symbol corresponding to each quantity.

Symbol column in the Stats tab of the Statistics application

And also...

The security of the software has been reinforced: the elements are detailed in this article.

Making the calculator more secure

The thousands are now separated by a space of a few pixels to make it easier to read large numbers.

Space separator for thousands

Polynomial equations of degree 3 are now solved exactly.

Exact resolution of polynomial equations of degree 3

In the Calculations application, if the exact result is too long, it is hidden to directly show the decimal value.

The exact result is hidden in the Calculator application if it is too long

Special thanks

We would like to thank Joachim Le Fournis who helped develop this update.