Calculator name

It is now possible to display the name of the calculator in the Settings application, About section.

First, define a name for your device in your account from a computer. Then, update your device. Once the update is installed, your device name will be displayed in the Settings application within the About section.

Give your calculator a name

Polar and algebraic form of complex numbers

You can display the polar form of a complex number by inputting the complex number in algebraic form and viewing its additional results.

Displaying the polar form of a complex number

Similarly, if your calculator is set to give results in polar form (in the Settings application), you can access the algebraic form in the additional results.

Exam modes

In version 21, we introduced exam modes with preset restrictions for certain exams. This version introduces a new exam mode. Learn more about exam compliance.

You can now activate the NC exam mode for use on the North Carolina Grade 8 Math EOG, NC Math 1 EOC and Math 3 EOC.

Activating the NC exam mode

To continue to comply with the STAAR® exam calculator policy, the STAAR exam mode now disables the simultaneous equation solver. Single variable equations can still be solved.

Disabling the simultaneous equation solver

The Keystone exam mode has been renamed PA exam mode and can be used on the Pennsylvania Grade 8 Math PSSA and Keystone exams.

But wait, there's more!

Generally speaking, this version improves the performance of the device: speed of navigating graphs, improvement of the algorithm for the auto zoom, speed of calculating integrals, etc. It also presents some new navigation features.

You can now view the contributions to the Chi-square test statistic when performing a Goodness-of-fit test.

View the contributions of the goodness of fit chi-square statistic

When viewing an element in the Elements application, you can change the element card by pressing the left and right keys.

Scroll through the elements with the directional keys

Tables of values now display the number of digits defined in the Settings application, with a default of 10.

Table of values ​​with 10 digits of precision

When viewing the Toolbox, you can now press the toolbox key to close the Toolbox.

Opening and closing the toolbox