Change angle measure

Learn how to change angle measure.

Obtain an approximate and exact result

Learn how to get an exact and approximate result for your calculation.

Calculate with percentages

Learn how to calculate with percentages.

Perform calculations with previous results

Learn to perform calculations with previous results on the NumWorks calculator.

Subtract with a shortcut

Learn how to subtract from a previous answer with a shortcut.

Clear the calculation history

Learn to clear the calculation history on the NumWorks calculator.

Discover additional results for your calculations

Learn how to access the additional results available for your calculations.

Convert units

Discover how to convert units with an example using feet and yards.

Compare your calculation to references

Learn how to compare outputs to references values.

Perform a calculation with units

Learn how the NumWorks calculator manages calculations with units.

Perform calculations using physics constants

Learn how to calculate expressions involving physics constants.

Create a matrix

Save time when creating a matrix with this trick!

Calculate the inverse and transpose a matrix

Learn how to calculate the inverse and transpose a matrix.

Discover how to store a matrix

Learn how to store a matrix and use stored matrices.

Calculate a derivative with a template

Discover how to calculate a derivative with a template.

Calculate an integral with a template

Discover how to calculate an integral using a template.

Define a function

Find out how to define a function in the Calculation app and how to use it afterwards.

Write and define lists

Learn how to write and define lists.

Use the VAR menu

Learn how to access stored values in the VAR menu.

Learn more

To learn more about the Calculation application visit the corresponding section of the user manual for the NumWorks graphing calculator.