Perform a variety of computations involving basic arithimetic, trigonometry, matrices, combinatorics, calculus, units and more.

Mathematical fidelity

We placed an emphasis on making sure our calculator accurately represents the mathematics.

Results are displayed in both the exact fractional and the decimal form. When the decimal form is an approximation, we display an "approximately equal to" sign.

Additional results

Instead of using a function that is hidden deep in a menu, the NumWorks calculator automatically provides additional results relevant to your input.

For example, you can view the unit circle representation when evaluating a trigonometric expression.

The Toolbox

We replaced the numerous menus cluttering the keyboard with a single Toolbox key that organizes all additonal functions into one menu.

Units and constants

Within the Toolbox, you will have access to all the units and constants you will ever need.

Work directly with units in your problem and perform unit conversions.


Clear the calculation history

Learn to clear the calculation history on the NumWorks calculator.

Convert units

Discover how to convert units with an example using feet and yards.

Create a matrix

Save time when creating a matrix with this trick!

More tutorials

Learn more about the Calculation application by visiting the user manual.