Why update my calculator?

The NumWorks calculator is constantly evolving. This is the result of our collaboration with our community of teachers and developers. We exchange and work together to make NumWorks a tailor-made calculator for high schoolers. We are constantly improving your calculator through regular updates. You can view the history of our updates on this page.

How do I update my calculator?

To update your calculator:

  1. Log into your NumWorks account by clicking here.
  2. Go to our update page from a computer and follow the update procedure.
  3. At the end of all the steps, your calculator will be up-to-date. If you encounter an error during the update procedure follow our recovery procedure.

To perform the update, our site needs to access your calculator. For this we use WebUSB to allow our site to access your USB devices. Not all internet browsers offer this functionality, which is why you must use a browser that supports this standard: Google Chrome, Chromium or Edge.