Press the black POWER key to switch the device on and off.

When you turn the device on for the very first time, you will be prompted to choose your language before getting to the home menu called Applications. The screen shows all the application available on the NumWorks calculator. You can get to the home menu anytime by pressing the yellow HOME key.

On this screen, move the selection using the directional keys. Highlight the application you want to use and press OK to open it.

You can change the settings shared by all the applications going to the Settings app: angle measure, language,...


This app lets you perform all kinds of computations: complex numbers, arithmetics, matrix, trigonometry...


This app lets you plot functions graphs, read the coordinates of the points, consult a table of values and compute some calculations on the functions such as the derivative numbers.


This app lets you plot recursive and explicit sequences, view a table of their values and compute the sum of their terms.


This app lets you study data sets, draw box-and-whisker plots and histograms, and get statistical values such as the mean, standard deviation, minimum or maximum of the set.


This app lets you study different probability distributions such as Binomial, Normal or Exponential. Input the distribution's parameters and get the corresponding probabilities.


This app lets you perform statistical computations on two-dimensional data sets and find the best fitting linear model using the least squares approach.


You can store numbers or matrices in variables to use them in your calculations more easily. Press the var key to open the list of your stored variables.


The Toolbox key gives you access to an organized library of advanced functions: multiple sums, complex numbers features, combinatorics,...