Plot the graph of functions, curves, conics and inequalities, view the coordinates of your points, find key characteristics and consult a table of values.

More than just functions

The Grapher application is split into three tabs: Expressions, Graph and Table.

In the Expressions tab, you can choose from a variety of templates or start from scratch. The Grapher supports functions, conics and inequalities as well as parametric and polar curves.

Beautiful graphs in the perfect viewing window!

Plot your graph using the Graph Tab.

The Auto-zoom feature provides a display that best showcases interesting characteristics of a graph including the x-intercepts and extrema.

A better interface

Dynamic visuals make calculus concepts more accessible. Calculate integrals and derivatives directly on the graph.

Well hello there tangent line, nice to see you!

While other devices require you to find key characteristcs yourself, the NumWorks calculator does the heavy lifting for you! Select a characterstic and it is found automatically.

Tables that do more

The Table tab provides a dynamic table of values for each of your functions. Select your interval or manually type in values of x.

You can even display a column of derivative values!


Find the intersection of two curves

Learn how to get the intersection of two curves. The coordinates of the intersection are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Obtain a table of values

Learn how to obtain a table of values for a function or curve.

Calculate the derivative at a point in two ways

Discover how to determine the derivative at a point using the graphing window and the table.

Learn more about the Grapher application by visiting the user manual.