Make changes to settings that apply to all applications. Choose your angle measure, language and more. Customize available features using Press-to-Test.

Global Settings

Whether you want to measure angles in radians or degrees, display results in decimal or scientific form, use real or complex numbers, or write in linear or natural format, you can select the settings that match your needs!

Mathematical Conventions

Select your country and language. This setting allows you to define the mathematical conventions used.


Most exams do not require any additional steps to use your calculator. However, Press-to-Test gives you more control in the classroom. Choose to disable Exact results, the Equation solver or others to meet your needs.

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Navigate more quickly in the main menu

Learn how to navigate the main menu using shortcuts.

Change angle measure

Learn how to change angle measure.

Use Press-to-Test

Learn how to deactivate certain features using Press-to-Test

More tutorials

Learn more about the Settings application by visiting the user manual.