Study one-variable data sets with graphs and summary statistics such as the mean, standard deviation and more!

An all-inclusive stats app

You can enter data, view graphs, and analyze summary statistics all in one app. Our all-inclusive Statistics application lets you do it all with easy-to-navigate tabs.

The Data tab includes three data tables with Value and Frequency columns.

Visualize your data

Once your data is entered, you can easily view graphs of your data including histograms, boxplots and more. Navigate through the graphs to learn more about your data!

Summary statistics

The Stats tab provides summary statistics for your data set. Both the symbol and full name are listed for each statistic.

Comparing distributions

Comparing distributions has never been easier! Add a second data set in the Data tab and use the color-coordinated graphs to compare your data.


Enter data and view summary statistics

Learn how to enter data and view summary statistics.

Select a graphical representation

Learn how to select a graphical representation of your data.

View a boxplot

Learn how to create and view a boxplot for your data.

More tutorials

Learn more about the Statistics application by visiting the user manual.