Perform statistical computations on two-variable data sets, create scatterplots and find the best fitting model for your data!

Easy data entry

Forget about confusing lists – the Regression app includes three data tables each with X and Y columns.

Create scatterplots

View a scatterplot on the Graph tab. The Autozoom feature automatically provides the best viewing window for your data.

Use the arrow keys to navigate through your data points.

Regression models for every fit

Choose from a variety of regression models including Linear, Quadratic, Logarithmic, Exponential and more!

Navigate to the regression model to view the regression equation and the predicted value.

Data-based predictions

Use your model to make prediction given an x-value. Or find the x-value needed for a given predicted y-value!

One-step residual plots!

Calculate the difference between your observed values and predicted values with ease. Turn on a residual plot in a single step.


Create a scatterplot

Learn how to create scatterplot of your data.

Plot a regression model

Learn how to plot a regression model.

View a residual plot

Learn how to view a residual plot.

More tutorials

Learn more about the Regression application by visiting the user manual.