Plot both recursive and explicit sequences, view a table of their values and compute the sum of their terms.

Save time with templates

Forget about complicated syntax! The template system lets you write recursive and explicit sequences with ease.

Easily find the sum of terms

The easy-to-use interface makes finding the sum of terms a simple process! Use the arrow keys to select your bounds or type them in directly.

A super powerful engine

The math engine is so powerful; you can even link your sequences together!

Organize with tables

The Table tab provides an easy to read table of values for your sequence.


Represent a recursive first order sequence graphically

Learn how to obtain the graphic representation of a recursive first order sequence.

Calculate the sum of several terms in a sequence

Learn how to calculate the sum of terms in the Sequences application.

Create a sequence linked to another sequence.

Discover how to create a linked sequence, with tips to save time.

More tutorials

Learn more about the Sequences application by visiting the user manual.