Perform hypothesis tests and construct confidence intervals for means, proportions and slope! Chi-squared tests are also available.

Perform a significance test

In the Tests section, you can perform significance tests for proportions, means and slopes as well as a Chi-square test.

With the four-step interactive wizard, you simply select the type of test, define your hypothesis, input your data and view your results!

Construct a confidence interval

Confidence intervals are constructed in a similar fashion with easy to read results and great visualizations!


Construct a confidence interval using one sample

Learn how to construct a one-sample z-interval for a proportion.

Perform a hypothesis test using two samples

Learn how to perform a hypothesis test using two samples with a two-sample t-test for the difference of means.

Perform a t-test for the slope

Learn how to perform a t-test for the slope.

More tutorials

Learn more about the Inference application by visiting the user manual.