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Directly on your graphing calculator.

Discover the first Python app on a calculator : an industry standard programming language you can use in class.

Accurate math

Fractions, roots, trigonometry…

Your calculator embeds an advanced math engine that can accurately compute most math expressions.

Exam approved

Take the SAT and the ACT.

The NumWorks graphing calculator is approved for use on the PSAT*, SAT* and ACT college entrance exams.

* Starting with the August 2018 administration.

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You can freely use the NumWorks graphing calculator emulator on your computer, your tablet or your smartphone.

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Trace colored graphs using the Functions app, read function values in a table and retrieve the derivatives.

Functions app on the NumWorks graphing calculator


Pick your law (binomial, uniform, exponential, normal or Poisson), fix your parameters and compute your probabilities as well as their inverse on a given interval. A graphical display helps you visualize your computations.

Probability app on the NumWorks graphing calculator


Solve your equations and linear systems. This app computes the discriminant and exact roots of quadratic equations and gives exact solutions of linear systems.

Application Équations de la calcualtrice graphique NumWorks
Calculation app on the NumWorks graphing calculator


The Calculation app can work with matrices. Compute powers, determinants and inverses.

Sequences app on the NumWorks graphing calculator


Sequences are defined just like in a textbook. Compute the sum of terms directly on the graph.

Regression app on the NumWorks graphing calculator


After entering your data, you can visualize the regression line and its equation directly on the graph.

Statistics app on the NumWorks graphing calculator


Easily access the statistics computed on your data and identify key results at once.

You can both visualize your data and look up the values on the same screen.

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