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The NumWorks graphing calculator is approved for use on the SAT, ACT and most state exams.

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Trace parametric, polar and cartesian curves in full color using the Functions app. Work with a table of values and calculate the derivative at a point.

Functions app on the NumWorks graphing calculator


Computing probabilities has never been easier! Simply fill in the required information and compute. A graphical display helps you visualize your computations.

Probability app on the NumWorks graphing calculator


Enter equations in any form you desire. The app will compute the discriminant and exact roots of quadratic equations and give exact solutions of linear systems.

Application Équations de la calcualtrice graphique NumWorks
Calculation app on the NumWorks graphing calculator


Work with matrices using the calculation app. Compute powers, determinants, inverses and more.

Sequences app on the NumWorks graphing calculator


Sequences are defined just as in a textbook. Compute the sum of terms directly on the graph.

Regression app on the NumWorks graphing calculator


Once your data is entered, the line of best fit and its equation will appear on the graph.

Statistics app on the NumWorks graphing calculator


Easily access statistics relevant to your data and identify key results. Visualize your data and look up the values on the same screen.

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